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Data Shepherd

Data Shepherd (established in the UK in 2013 as a part of a group of international companies) offers extensive - and unique - expertise in the provision of IT security solutions, and also leads the market in SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions. Data Shepherd’s headquarters are in Manchester. The company infrastructure, technologies and solutions are based, delivered, implemented in the UK.


Since launch, Data Shepherd has expanded rapidly and is now partnering with over one hundred and fifty leading UK information technology service providers. Due to the international contacts, it is continually expanding its portfolio of solutions and services to provide the most cutting-edge security services available.


The company business model combines world-class corporate experience and expertise across the team, with the added-value elements of SME-focus, innovation and efficiency. Our ethos has grown from a combination of high-quality services, professional personnel, cutting-edge business solutions and security service, to include a flexible 24/7 capability with access to a network of regional, national and international expertise.


Data Shepherd solutions address the needs of many industries including commercial, healthcare and government sectors. Data Shepherd provides innovative business and information security services and solutions on all platforms.