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Encrypted Data Deletion Register

Need to keep a track of "Right to Erasure" requests from clients whilst keeping their data encrypted?

SecureShed have produced a data deletion register for keeping track of deletion requests from customers or clients. All data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest. Two factor authentication available to access and add items to the register as well as full audit logs of everyone who has logged in, updated and added records.

Not wanting to delete their data from all your backups?

By having a data deletion register you will not have to delete a users data from encrypted backups, simply create a process to review the register everytime data is restored from a backup and delete anything from the restore which is listed in the register before it is available for use.
Need a Restoration log to keep track of any data restores and to tie them in with the Data Deletion Register. Don't worry, this is included too!

Custom forms for deletion and restore registers

Customs forms allow you to add fields which are relevant to you and your data records. Lookup fields can be added to lookup or associate customer data or employee or client data if combined with some of our other applications. Notifications and email reminders can also be added.